Thursday, July 20, 2017

Drawing Closer: Lesson Time

The living, breathing, transforming power of the gospel, understood by children and studied by theologians - it never gets old, sharing the truth of Jesus Christ.

We had 41 children for six days.  12 of them were from Harvest TGM, the others were from the community and surrounding towns.

This object lesson is perhaps my all-time favorite: The Rope Trick
Not only is it highly effective, but also leaves the kids thinking I'm a magician with mad talent.

A Word of the Day for each of the six days kept our focus and provided an anchor for crafts, games and memory verses.  We explored truth together, applied it throughout the week, and memorized a verse for each day.

Rotating groups for lesson, craft and game filled up our mornings.  We then broke into small groups during the afternoon for more specific discussion and interaction. 

I sincerely love watching children ask questions, wrestle with truth in their hearts and come to a better understanding of Jesus.

We had a whole day dedicated to the Word of God (Day 2) and how reading, meditating and memorizing God's word helps us to draw closer to God.

Inspired by points, the kids worked hard on their memory verses; some could quote all six by the end of the week, and we had some long verses!

Day 4 was on Worship: using our voices, lives and our talents to glorify God.  We gave them opportunities to express their God-given creativity and even held a talent show as an avenue to express those gifts.

Worship was a highlight.  A chorus of children's voices praising the Lord is a beautiful sound.

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